The Big Blue Blues

I was good about it all week: stayed strong, kept my chin up, stayed in the present and didn’t, dwell in the past.

By the time I woke up on Friday my mindset was, “Appalachian what?”

I was positive. We were going to rebound. We were going to tear off 11 straight wins to close out the regular season. That twopoint loss was a fluke. The game against Oregon was going to prove that at least that much.

If only …

If only my maize and blue tears would stop. It is worse than the worst hangover I’ve ever known — it has been wracking my brain for more than a week now.

The only pain killer that could ease my suffering would be a win against Notre Dame this Saturday.

After starting the season 0-2 — at home no less — for the first time since 1959, the 39-7 drubbing at the hands of the Oregon Ducks leaves Michigan and Big Blue nation (myself included) staring despondently into the distance.

And this depressing loss, the worst Michigan loss in almost 40 years, comes after the loss heard round the world — mighty number five Michigan slain by I-AA Appalachian State.

That loss was only the first time that a I-AA team beat a ranked I-A opponent. I thought that hurt. It hurts even worse now.

Oregon was the fourth loss in a row dating back to last season. The losses go, in chronological order: Ohio State (a thriller), USC (a downer), Appalachian State (a shocker) and Oregon (a killer). What’s more, all of these losses have happened since Bo Schembechler’s death last year, the day before the big game against Ohio State.

Now, I don’t dare think Michigan is cursed, but after being a Red Sox fan for so long those thoughts are unfortunately hot-wired.

The last two weeks have morphed into one long sob story. Unless someone hasn’t already done so, I might take it upon myself to nominate Michigan fans for the “Worst Week Ever.”

It just hurts my soul so much.

The misery has come in such quantities during the last 12 days it is hard to process. It seems there is no bright line for this string of events.

My usual ray of maize sunshine, Mike Hart, ran all over the Ducks in the first half of the Oregon loss, but wasn’t involved much in the second half. You could say the sun went into hiding.

The conventional wisdom is to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Keep going. Keep your chin up. Don’t dwell on the past. Conventional wisdom failed me last week.

Maybe this week I’ll wear a blindfold while I watch the game against Notre Dame — just something, anything, to dull the pain.


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