No Rx for Grossman benching

The Bears made the right choice when they benched embattled quarterback Rex Grossman for their game against Detroit.

No, I do not think Brian Griese is a savior of any kind. But do I think he can control the game and complete
passes to the Bears decent receiving corps? Yes, I do.

That is the key to Griese’s success. If he can avoid turnovers and keep the defense off the field the Bears will have success.

But Griese is no sure thing. He has bounced around the league due to inconsistency. Chicago is his fourth stop in the last five seasons.

The more important thing about this move is that the organization has finally moved on.

It’s always hard when a first-round pick does not pan out. The organization has to make a tough call. In this case, Bears general manager and the man who drafted the Florida product in 2003, Jerry Angelo has been trying to give Rex every chance to succeed but Chicago (the team and more importantly the city) can no longer wait.

It was the right move to sit Grossman down.

All throughout last season, the Bears wholeheartedlysupported their quarterback because they were winning. Through the ups and downs of Good Rex/Bad Rex, coach Lovie Smith stayed with his man.

“Rex is our quarterback,” Smith said last season. “There’s a difference between perception and reality, and the reality is, we’re 10-2 with Rex.”

But starting in last season’s Super Bowl, Grossman has been awful and arguably lost Chicago three games.

That is where the team had to draw the line.

Last season Grossman had six games with a QB rating under 65, but also eight games with a rating over 100.
But through three games this season we have not seen Good Rex at all. His highest rating was in week two against the Chiefs when he finished the game with a rating of 56.

Even more telling is that in his last four games (including the Super Bowl loss), Grossman has thrown eight interceptions compared with only two touchdowns.

Now the Bears stand 1-3 and unless they turn it around quickly Brett Favre and the Cheeseheads to the north are going to run away with the division title that was earmarked for Chicago.

Many people are wondering why it took so long, but after spending a first-round pick on Grossman and touting
him as the quarterback of the future through all his injuries, the Bears had to see it through.

Not since the era of Sid Luckman (quarterback of the Bears from 1939 to 1950) has Chicago seen a franchise quarterback and they thought Grossman would be the next. Learning that is not the case and having to start back at square one is a crushing blow to a team that was in the Super Bowl last season.

What happens now?

The Bears go back to playing the conservative football that the city of Chicago hates so much.

They run the ball 40 times a game with Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson; tell Griese to do anything but turn the ball over and let their defense and more likely Devin Hester and the special teams win games.

With all the injuries in the secondary,w I don’t know if the defense will be good enough to win games like they did in years past.

While it might be premature, a couple of more losses could call for the packing in of the season in hopes of landing Brian Brohm or Andre Woodson Jr. in next year’s draft.


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