No thanks, Kobe.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step and I will be the first to admit that the Bulls have a problem. Actually they have a few problems.

Lets start with the low post.

We have three copies of the same player.

You want to know what Ty Thomas, Big Ben and Joakim Noah all have in common? They can’t score in the low post.

Sure they are all tenacious, rebound well and make all those hustle plays that change the complexion of the game, but not one of them can catch the ball with their back to the basket and go to work.

The eastern conference is still not very good and the Bulls are arguably the best team but can they get to the finals without inside scoring?

Many people believe that final piece is superstar Kobe Bryant.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Kobe in the old red and black but not if it means gutting the young core that has gotten the Bulls this far.

The Bulls have made strides every year. But gutting the team in favor of one superstar is not the answer.

I know MJ didn’t have a great supporting cast and definitely no low post scorer. But here is a news flash for you: Kobe is no Jordan.

He is a fantastic scorer and 81 points is unprecedented, but he had no supporting cast with the Lakers and look what happened. So whats to say it would be any different in Chicago.

After falling just short of the Eastern Conference Finals last season, the Bulls have everything they need to succeed this season.

From scorers is Deng and Gordon to a floor leader in Captain Kirk, the Bulls have what it takes to go far. And with the experience they have gained in the last two years, they have to be one of the favorites.

Kobe just doesn’t fit into our plans and I hope Paxson can see that and doesn’t dismantle the team he has worked so hard to create.


3 responses to “No thanks, Kobe.

  1. Really, it’s the same with A-Rod. Who in his right mind would look to acquire guys like Kobe and A-Rod when a team is already cohesive and successful. Frankly, in the NBA there is too much talent spread across the league (although maybe the Celtics buck that trend a bit this year?) and Kobe is not a great enough player to win a championship while carrying the dead weight of 11 other guys. The Bulls would do better to just keep away from the Kobe plague just like the Sox or any other solid MLB team would be better off avoiding going near Scott Boras and getting the A-Rod virus (symptoms: great numbers high expecations, overall stagnation).

    Moral of the story: don’t ruin a good thing.

    If the Red Sox even talk about getting A-Rod I’ll probably start projectile vomiting myself. Any suggestions as how to cope with that side-effect, North/South?

  2. You should ask your boys down in foxburo where they have taken the virus that used to be known as Randy Moss and have turned it into a touchdown machine. It all starts with winning and having leaders that can rein in the talent and use it for the benefit of the team.
    Staying in football take a look at TO in Dallas. As soon as they start winning he shuts up and starts producing.
    With Kobe i definitely think this will be the case. But i dont think there is a team out there where he can be traded that has enough to give up and still be a viable place for him to win.
    But he understands this and is being smart about it. He told ESPN that he would use his no trade clause if the Bulls were going to trade away Deng, Gordon, Thomas and Noah so he understand that for him to be happy and to avoid infecting the team he needs to go somewhere he can win. I just dont know if that place is out there.
    A-Rod on the other hand is a different story. Baseball is a much more individual sport and if he continues to choke when it matters it does not make a different who his supporting cast is, he will struggle and destroy the team from the inside out.

  3. Joanna, soon to come up with a better name

    At least Kobe isn’t being arrogant. He is being smart, but is Kobe really the answer? The Bulls have been improving steadily, which means that perhaps not this year, but in a couple seasons they might be able to build up their bench and really form a winning team from the ground up.
    I know the Rockies lost, but they did have that rather impressive streak going for a while. A streak fueled by their dedication to their farm team. They really were/are an organization that took its time to build up talent and they did well, not as well as they could have, but still.
    The Bulls shouldn’t search specifically for someone to carry them to victory. Try finding someone who has the skills, but maybe just needs to refine them a bit, work with them, incorporate them into the team and then sit back, relax and watch your team win.

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