You might as well call it foosball…

Once again, college football has gone haywire. OK, I know I’m late addressing the issue, but I hope you can excuse me for starting the blog 8 days ago. The season has been ridiculous for some time and a return to sanity doesn’t appear anywhere on my radar.

If you feel like you’re taking crazy pills too, you’re not alone. I swear, this year’s season might as well be called foosball, there’s so little rhyme and reason. Either way, I have just as poor an idea what’s going to happen this year as I would standing beside a foosball table.

For the sake of venting and regrouping before the home stretch of the regular season, here are a few highlights:

1. Michigan-Appalachian State, where it all started. Fifth-ranked Michigan is shocked at home by the Mountaineers. My week was shot, the Wolverines’ season was shot in the foot before they had taken a single step. Things only got worse in Ann Arbor the following next week with their 39-7 loss to Oregon (now the king of the Pac-10).

2. Winless Notre Dame. Well, they’re not winless anymore after beating UCLA a few weeks ago, but that lonely “1” in the winless column might as well be a “0” for the Irish. The latest sign of the Apocalypse: an Irish loss to Navy for the first time since my parents were kids.

3. Oh how the mighty have fallen. The top-10 has been shuffled and re-shuffled more times than an over-worked deck at a Vegas hold ’em table. After teams taking turns at the top and several unexpected losses by former powerhouses, Ohio State has established their dominance atop the polls. [see conclusion for future craziness]

4. The Heisman race. More so than almost any race in recent memory, this year’s Heisman chase has seen as many flip-flops as a Brazilian beach.

Matt Ryan is the latest casualty, but what amazes me to this day is how Tim Tebow is still in it. Yes, his numbers are ridiculous, but his team has sustained so many losses this season I’m thinking we’re dealing with Paul Hornung way back when. Each week the Heisman talk sounds more and more like the Chewbacca defense…it does not make sense!

5. Kansas University. Bowl Championship Series, say hello to Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk. I have never heard of a time at which KU was relevant in any top-25 discussion, let alone national championship chatter. After leaving the Nebraska Cornuskers in tatters, I’m thinking they’re for real – these last few weeks will be very, very interesting.

6. (Speculative) A Michigan team that was previously the laughing stock of NCAA football saying “Screw the sweater vest!” and sticking it to the #1 Buckeyes. Nothing would make me more happy than that. And, right now, I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility.

Just think, the karmic reciprocation of a Big Blue win … what a fitting story that would be: Michigan re-incarnated as the Big Ten champion and BCS-bound.

You tell me, is that unbelievable?


One response to “You might as well call it foosball…

  1. Just wanted to say congrats to Matt Ryan and the rest of the BC Football team. See you in the pros Matt.


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