Accolades and acquisitions

It didn’t take long for the Boston Red Sox to make more headlines.

Only 10 days after winning their second World Series in four years, the success train that is the 2007 Red Sox has continued its tour of excellence.

First Stop: Gold Glove Land

On Tuesday it was announced that my man, Kevin Youkilis, has earned himself a Gold Glove at the first base position in the American League. The dude went 135 games without an error, so it shouldnt’t come as much surprise to anyone with a clear conscience that he won, although Yankees fans would most likely argue Jason Giambi’s 18 games at first base with one error deserved the award.

Sorry. Maybe next year.

Though Youkilis isn’t a natural first baseman, there is nothing fake about his game or his beard. Day in and day out, Youk plays perhaps the most aggressive style of play at his position, only increasing the chances of committing an error. Clearly my man wasn’t worried because he had it locked up like Akon .

Next Stop: Curt Schilling Returns-Land

More great news came on Tuesday when it was announced that the Red Sox have completed a one-year, $8 million deal with Curt Schilling that could potentially earn him $14 million should he reach the incentives offered.

According to the team and Schilling’s blog , the veteran righty can earn $2 million by successfully completing a series of 6 weigh-ins, $3 million for innings pitched, and $1 million for recieving just one Cy Young Award vote; a total of $6 million based on incentives. If the 41-year old successfully reaches these incentives, he will have earned $1 million more than the one -year/$13 million contract he had hoped for.

All incentives aside,though, Schilling’s legacy in Boston is what will be most remembered. Whether or not he succeeds in reaching contract goals set by the team is irrelevant when stood next to his list of accomplishments with them. In complete honesty, Curt Schilling can do no wrong. And maybe this is a first for him, but it couldn’t possibly come at a better time.

Fresh off of winning yet another World Series with the Red Sox, Schilling’s decision to end his career in Boston says masses about the type of man that he really is. Forget any talks of Schilling being loud and obnoxious, pompous and unapproachable. They are irrelevant in terms of measuring his success. To members of Red Sox Nation,Curt Schilling, number 38 ,will forever be remembered in a different light: As a gamer. A bulldog. He’s the guy with the bloody sock. The guy who filled in as closer when Keith Foulke went down. The guy who helped a struggling franchise forge a new identity en route to winning two World Series titles in four years (in case it wasn’t mentioned).

Either way, after his final season, when everything is said and done, Curt Schilling’s legacy as hero in Red Sox history will have already been long-established. It will never be touched. But more importantly, it will never be forgotten. Because that’s what heroes are made of.


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