Get Some!: Week 1

Shoutout to my man, Lance Armstrong.

It has been reported that Armstrong, 36,was recently seen “making out all night” with Ashley Olsen, 21 (Get some!). Olsen is best known for splitting time with her equally-hot sister, Mary Kate, as Michelle Tanner on the popular sitcom Full House. Though Armstrong and Olsen are separated by 15 years and 7 consecutive Tour de France victories, here at The Looper we wish the temporary couple all the best.

But remember, Lance, this time if you finish first, you are not the winner.


One response to “Get Some!: Week 1

  1. Hey kid, good stuff! I like your style and sense of righteous humor. Keep up the good stuff and the gross pictures–in a tasteful way, that is.

    I’ve subscribed to receive content via email. You may want to remind your readers to do so. Good way to increase hits.

    Until later, later.

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