Stand up to Boras

He is the ultimate uber agent.

Some say he has more control over the league than commissioner Bud Selig.

Superagent Scott Boras, whose clients include A-Rod, Dice-K, Barry Zito and Carlos Beltran, is known for getting his high profile clients incredibly lucrative deals for way too many years.

Last night, when the free agent market opened at midnight, Boras and his dogs were released on the baseball world in search of a $300+ million contract for A-Rod.

Major League Baseball needs to stand up to this man!

I know A-Rod is a great player. But has he ever won a World Series? Has he every even played well in the playoffs?

Even while playing with the New York Yankees, the team that makes a living winning the World Series every few years, he could not win.

So why are teams willing to jeopardize their organizations for the next 30 years for one player in a sport where it is all about the team.

Just look at the Red Sox. From pitching to defense to hitters up and down the lineup, the Sox were a complete team. And they were rewarded with the title.

But A-Rod is not going to bring in a championship all by himself. He is an MVP caliber player but no one deserves $300 million.

So I ask the owners of MLB clubs to stand up to Boras. Leave A-Rod out in the cold until Boras brings his demands down.

The league cannot afford to have players demanding ludicrous sums of money like this.


4 responses to “Stand up to Boras

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Scott Boras is bad for humanity. The trends he perpetuates in professional sports, specifically baseball, are ruinous to society –– the hyper-inflated value of professional athletes is a severe problem, one that many people brighter than myself have brought up. It’s sad and it needs to stop. Can someone just lock him in a basement and destroy his cell phone for this off-season. Would that help? You know, I bet his commission on this A-Rod deal would start to work wonders for alleviating suffering in Africa.

    Frankly, Boras really comes off as a prick –– his actions certainly prove as much –– and I’m not a fan.

  2. scott boras is awesome because he puts more asian people in mlb, which is hot

  3. While I agree that it’s ridiculous to spend this kind of money on a player, I don’t really blame Boras. He’s only getting market value for his clients. The market is a crazy.

    Also, let them spend whatever they want. It doesn’t buy success. The Yankees haven’t won the World Series in years despite have the highest payroll in baseball.

    And finally, A-Rod is not worth the money. Every team he has played for has done better the year after they get rid of him. Seattle and Texas both made the playoffs after he was gone.

  4. who is this jeff character? he is smart

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