It’s hard not to love Brett Favre

Seriously, seeing Brett Favre play this year has been an absolute treat.

I’ll admit, when I was younger — prior to developing into a mature Patriots fan –– when he was in his prime, I was a huge Brett Favre/Green Bay Packers fan.

And why not? When he was at his peak during his streak of three consecutive MVP seasons he not only played some of the best football ever, he played some of the most fun football ever –– underhand forward passes, running around throwing rockets across the field, Lambeau leaps here, more touchdowns there.

It looked like he was having a blast. Heck, it was a blast. The Packers were winning and he was putting up incredible numbers, MVP numbers.

Now, 10 years later, he’s doing the same thing at age 38, leading the Pack to a 9-1 record. And it’s as much of a blast as ever.

For all of the retirement rumors of the last few off-seasons, it sure looks like Favre has put them to bed. Instead of frustration, Favre is finding success. Those quizzical grins in the collective crowd? They’ve since been turned upside down.

Who isn’t smiling for Brett Favre now? If you aren’t, we will hunt you down and make you smile…OK, I apologize that was going too far.

But back on point: No. 4 is having one of his best seasons in his last several, duking it out with Tom Brady –– who’s having possibly the most successful passing season ever –– for the most passing yards in the NFL this season. What else is he doing this season? Oh, you know, just breaking all sorts of career passing records.

I can just imagine Dan Marino going to the pantry for extra rations of NutraSystem comfort food … and finding none. I bet the NutraSystem founder was a Favre Fan too, a Cheesehead at heart –– imagine the irony.

In Sunday’s Battle of the Ancients pitting Favre against soon-to-be grandfather Vinny Testaverde (OK maybe not, but he was playing pro football before many of today’s rookies were even born) Favre tied Marino for most 3-TD passing games in NFL history (62).

I could go on, but I guess the point here is that I hope Favre can keep this up forever. Is that too much to ask?

I propose a system whereby when he turns 40 they throw a red shirt on him during games. Using a carefully plotted formula on my engineering roommate’s TI-89 that scheme alone should keep him in the league until age 53.

Running the equation again, with slight variable changes, this scheme would also lead to somewhere between 9 and 14 underhand passes for first downs. Beautiful!

Really, though, it’s bound to end at some point and I know that much. I just hope it doesn’t end anytime soon.


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