get some!: (week 3)

Shoutout to my girl,The Timeout The TimeoutThe Timeout.The Timeout

On Monday, during the 3rd period of a 3-2 game against the Atlanta Thrashers, Tampa Bay Lightning coach John Tortorella tried to call a timeout in between puck drops, but was denied access by a referee.

Moments later, the Thrashers scored the game-tying goal, and subsequently won the match in overtime.

Also on Monday, but deserving super-extra Kudos for this week, is the Denver Broncos, in a matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

Towards the end of the first half, Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan decided to try and ice Titans kicker, Rob Bironas, by calling a timeout.

Real original.

Though Bironas did miss the initial kick, much to Shanahan’s delight, he succeeded on converting a 56-yarder on the second attempt.

This time, it was not to Shanahan’s delight.

Later in that same game came a play equally as interesting, because again, the Denver Broncos suffered the misfortune of a botched timeout call.

As Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher debated whether or not to challenge a call that quarterback Vince Young had not scored a touchdown on, Young snapped the ball and proceeded with the next play.

After that play ended, however, it was revealed that Broncos linebacker Nate Webster had in fact called a timeout on the previous play, which meant that Jeff Fisher could challenge Young’s questionable pilon-diving touchdown.

As a result, the Titans won the challenge and were again rewarded with points as benefit of a Broncos timeout-gone-wrong.

That’s why this week’s “get some!” award goes to my girl, The Timeout.

Because she deserves it.


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