Thoughts on Bonds

As fans of baseball and sports as a whole, we have been conditioned to despise athletes who exemplify characteristics of unfavorable nature.

But as of late, we have been trained to do so more when it directly affects the honesty and integrity of the sport at hand, rather than issues outside the game; issues with real-life, big-picture consequences.

That isn’t to say that we hold all athletes to standards of perfect citizenship. That would be silly.

But it is to say that when an athlete does certain things outside the lines to directly impact the good nature of a sport, we seem to crucify them more for that, then when they do something that impacts the good nature of mankind.

So, if this is true, then what is it about Barry Bonds that fans of baseball despise so much?

Maybe he doesn’t sign “enough” autographs. Maybe he didn’t pay his taxes. Maybe he cheated on his wife. Maybe he took steroids. Maybe he lied in court.

These are all speculations, and if true, some of them could surely prove serious in their consequences, but like it or not, Barry Lamar Bonds is human just like me and you.

And as explored earlier, shouldn’t sports fans be concerned with what an athlete does only if it affects the nature of the game?

Wouldn’t letting an athlete’s actions outside of sport factor into the equation be cheating in much the same way that fans believe Bonds did?

Here are a few examples of athletes who have found controversy, but not much scrutiny (when compared to Bonds):

Derek Jeter owes the state of New York millions of dollars in backtaxes.

Keith Foulke cheated on his wife during her pregnancy.

Kobe Bryant’s sex scandal. ‘Nuff said.

Jason Kidd striking his wife in the face during an argument.

Dany Heatley’s car accident that killed teammate Dan Snyder.

It is understood that these examples are not necessarily on the same level as Barry Bonds’ alleged involvement with steroids because they do not directly affect the integrity of each sport, but they do prove the point that if an athlete’s actions do not affect the sport, what they do outside of it is viewed with less criticism.

I understand that.

But what I don’t understand is why Bonds’ off-field problems are allowed to play a major role in his persecution, but only because he has been linked to steroids.

With that said, I’m still not sure how I feel about Barry Bonds.

And maybe I never will be.

But if there is one thing I am sure of, it’s that something very fishy seems to be going on in the world of sports, and more particularly, with the case against Bonds.

For an extended, more direct approach to the case against Barry Bonds, read the article below:

The indictment of Bond is just plain wrong

I can’t guarantee that it will change how you feel about Barry, but it will definitely give an interesting perspective that few sources have been willing to give.


One response to “Thoughts on Bonds

  1. Even if he does get indicted and go to jail, his famous cousin will get him out. Cousin James is a very resourceful fellow and is well connected in the world of espionage. He has all kinds of cool cars, neat gadgets and hot women with names like Pussy Galore, Holly Goodhead and Xenia Onatopp. Yes, the Bonds know how to have a good time even though they may break a law here and there.

    James may not be much of a baseball player (he prefers cricket), but everyone knows who owns the jersey with 007 on it. He doesn’t take steroids but has a mean jones for “shaken not stirred” vodka martini’s. Beware: if Barry and James unite, Austin Powers and Johnny Damon will have more competition than they can handle.


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