thanksgiving leftovers

The Looper staff is thankful for…

Ricky Williams’ chance to fail a 5th drug test.

Vincent Lecavalier’s 21 points (7 G, 14 A) in the last 8 games. Yowza!

The San Francisco 49ers’ 2008 draft pick.

The slight chance that doctors operated on Gilbert Arenas’ big mouth and not his left knee.

Not being named Antonio Ramiro Romo.

Candace Parker’s season-high 29 points against West Virginia.

Kevin Everett’s road to recovery.

Journeyman Tim Thomas.

Fred Couples “talkin’ about practice” for the Skins Game.

NASCAR drivers still going in circles.

Eric Lindros’ reitrement. No more concussions for him, no more headaches for us.

Mississippi Braves manager Phillip Wellman’s ejection/rosin bag-grenade-toss antics.

The chills we get when Lindsay Lohan’s character in Mean Girls says, “The limit does not exist!” en route to winning a championship with the Mathletes.

The legend of Rod Beck.

Peyton Manning’s commercials combined with this year’s “laser rocket arm.” Much funnier.

The UVM men’s soccer team’s first trip back to the NCAA College Cup for the first time since 2000. Bye-bye Bearcats!

NOT the English national soccer team, who’s Euro 2008 bid was its to lose…and they did.

David Beckham (when will they knight him?) who didn’t start in England’s loss to Croatia but entered later to help the Brits claw back before losing in the end, 3-2.

Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett resurrecting one of the NBA’s premier franchises.

Rags to Riches, the filly who won the 1 1/2 mile Belmont Stakes this past June, the first filly to win the race in 103 years.

The UVM hockey team’s 5-4 win against BU, almost almost making us forget the 9-1 loss to the Terriers the night before.

The Red Sox resigning Mike Lowell, leaving the Yankees to pursue another 10 years of A-Rod.

Marqus Blakely –– the Jordan-esque dunk last season and his emergence as a force early this season.

Brett Favre.

Notre Dame managing to pick up a second win.

Trinity College’s 15-lateral, game-winning play.

Getting to watch Devin Hester return kicks –– and YouTube for making endless viewing possible. (Add to this the Reggie Bush high school highlight videos.)

The Colorado Rockies’ furious end to the regular season and start to the post-season.

The Catch-22 insanity of this college football season; the powerhouse Kansas Jayhawk football team; Mike Hart.

Tom Brady and Gisele together…no, wait…yup…Tom Brady and Randy Moss.

There’s more, but if you’re thankful for something too, feel free to let us know! Add a comment!


One response to “thanksgiving leftovers

  1. Thanks for:

    The Blackhawks, without you every Chicagoan would have already shot themselves after watching the Bulls, Bears, Cubs and Sox.

    Pat White, Steve Slaton and Noel Devine for just being spectacular and making my favorite play, the option, look sooo good.

    The UVM men’s soccer team for making an improbable comeback against Dartmouth with a goal 23 seconds before full time and then winning in a shootout on two monster saves from goalie Roger Scully. Bring on UConn!!

    Colin McIntosh for hitting the game-winning three pointer for UVM’s men’s basketball team against Towson

    Darren McFadden for playing 6 positions while leading the Hogs to a 3 OT victory over LSU (a little p.s. to this one has to be the madness that has ensued afterwards in the BCS, who would have thunk that we would have a potential Missouri vs. WVU BCS Championship game –– but i love it!).

    We are also ever so thankful for Tony Kornheiser: “Who do you think is having more fun? Donald Trump or Donna Shalala?”

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