What a concept

For the first time all season –– minus the undefeated showdown with the Colts, one of the league’s top few teams –– the Patriots played a football game where they actually were in serious trouble late in the fourth quarter (And it happened to come on the same day they were crowned AFC East Champs).

Yes they did end up winning, which seems to be a trend thus far this season, but the 24-point favorites had to come up with a fourth quarter drive to come back against the McNabb-less Eagles.

I can’t decide if this is a good thing or not for the NFL.

On one hand it shows that the Pats are human and that it is not set in stone that they will win the Super Bowl and go undefeated. But it might be more of a wake up call to New England than to any other team.

After blowing out the Bills and starting the game against Philly with an early pick six it looked like we were going to have much of the same. Pats’ coach Bill Belichick probably got a good yell in during half time and another after the game.We will see how they respond next week when they travel to Baltimore which is another physical defense like the Eagles.

The credit in this game has got to go to A.J. Feeley and the gutsy Eagles for sticking in there and grinding it out. Stepping up against the undisputed stud of the NFL without your starting QB and putting up the fight they did is impressive.

The Patriots’ D needs to get their business in order because despite picking off Feeley three times (1 for the TD and the two late in the fourth to ice the game) they did allow the Eagles to score 28 points.

Part of me is disappointed that the Eagles couldn’t pull off the upset, but I think overall I am just happy to see a game where New England had to work for the W. Hopefully, with games against the Steelers and Giants remaining on the schedule, we will see more of this from the Pats.


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