get some!: (week 4)

Shoutout to my dogs.

When impregnating the neighbor’s Bichon Frise or eating your own poop got boring, you made life fun again by going after Auburn football players (get some!).

On Saturday, during a game against Alabama, cornerback Jerraud Powers was bitten by a police dog at the back of the endzone after breaking up a pass.

The last time Powers was bitten by a dog was when he was 6.

Talk about random.

Or was it?

During a game against Georgia in 1996, Auburn wide receiver Robert Baker (as seen in picture) celebrated a touchdown reception and was nearly bitten by Georgia’s mascot, UGA V, before managing to escape.

With the most recent dog-biting incident resulting in great success and involving yet another Auburn player, the question of “Why us?” seems to be on the table.

Hopefully for Auburn, “on the table” means where the dogs can’t get them.

But I wouldn’t hold your breath.



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