Most $$$ (12.4.07)

The Looper’s Most $$$  player of the week:

The Timeout  (Stat line: Used several times in games across the globe)

A past “Get Some!” notable, Nick Licare‘s girl, the Timeout, was pivotal again this week, earning it The Looper’s Most $$$ award for her use and performance in Monday night’s NFL contest between New England and Baltimore.  With the Patriots down by four points and driving in the last two minutes, forced with a 4th and 1 situation in Ravens’ territory, the ball was snapped and the Patriots were stopped behind the line of scrimmage, short of the crucial first down they needed to keep the drive and their undefeated season alive …

But the Ravens called a timeout just nanoseconds prior to the snap, negating the play. The Patriots proceeded to convert the first down, eventually scoring and eeking out a victory in windy Baltimore. For the now 12-0 Patriots, the timeout call was an early holiday gift (think: stockings full of $$$); for the Ravens, well, it looks like a holiday season of monastic self-denial.

Get some! So $$$, the Timeout.


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