Lost Cats

In this section I am going to work to track down past sports alumni from UVM that have sort of fallen off the radar and see what they are up to these days.

Anyone who has a suggestion of someone who should be added please let us know.

We are going to start the inaugural edition of Lost Cats with a player who has found himself on my hometown Chicago Blackhawks: Patrick Sharp.

Patrick Sharp celerates one of his 12 goals this season

When you talk about Vermont men’s hockey the first names that come to mind are St. Louis, Perrin and Thomas.

But the Thunder Bay, Ontario product who played just two seasons at UVM tallying 25 goals and 28 assists in 65 games before being drafted in the 3rd round by the Philadelphia Flyers is making a name for himself this season in the NHL.

After bouncing between the AHL and pros, Sharp was traded to the Blackhawks prior to the 2005-06 season.

Since arriving in Chicago, Sharps stats have gone up every year and after recording 20 goals last season in 80 games, he already has 12 goals this season to lead the team and rank in the top-20 in the NHL.

The most incredible plays from Sharp this season have come on the penalty kill where he has five, yes count them FIVE, shorthanded goals. The next best team only has five. The Blackhawks have 10 shorties overall.

Extra Points: Even better for us Chicagoans, Sharp is a Red Wing killer and has helped the ‘Hawks go 4-0 against their rivals to the north this season.


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