Most $$$ (12.11.07)

The Looper’s Most $$$ player of the week:

Our very own, Nick Licare. (Stat line: The Looper’s first field coverage, a trip to Foxborough, Mass. for the Steelers-Patriots matchup)

It was a big week for Tim Tebow, Bayer Leverkausen of the German Bundesliga, Tom Brady, LaDainian Tomlinson (who thankfully put an end to the delay in Patriots-Steelers coverage),  Eric Gagne and Michael Vick, but Mr. Licare nabbed a ticket to what was anticipated by many to be the last big bump in the Patriots road to perfection.

While Tebow was out winning the Heisman, Leverkausen kept its 5 game winning streak alive, Brady tore apart the Steelers secondary and Gagne successfully remained in the “severely overpaid” tax bracket in pro sports, our boy Nick was busy being the first car in the Gillette Stadium lot, adding chicken to the chili and standing in front of someone who paid twice as much for the same ticket.

He chummed it up with Pat Patriot and proved his status as a real American hero by joining the most Red, White and Blue crowd in football by berating Steelers safety Anthony Smith with chants of “GUARANTEE! GUARANTEE!”

The $$$ vibe was transmitting on its highest frequency from Foxborough this past Sunday, and the source was Nick Licare.  While you may have only seen Tom Brady and Randy Moss, it was the guy behind the guy behind the guy on the standing room concourse who was Most $$$.


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