Rodriguez follows the riches

When it was announced today that Rich Rodriguez is leaving West Virginia and the Big East for Michigan and the flatlands of the Big Ten, I felt like the move was not right for either party.

I am most worried about how Rodriguez’s run and gun offense, predicated on speed and athleticism, will work at Michigan.

For the past 20 years the Michigan offense has predicated its success on the classic Big Ten pounding style of football.

With Ryan Mallet, a pure, pocket passer, and bruising, downhill running backs like Kevin Grady set to take over next season it will be interesting to see what Rodriguez does.

Part of me would love to see the option style, Steve Slaton and Pat White game, that I love so much brought to the Big Ten, but tradition is something that is a top priority at Michigan.

Lets wait and see but I would not be surprised if Rodriquez’s decision to take the big bucks and move to Michigan does not pan out for either side.

Rodriguez is carrying the hopes of a football nation on his shoulders and without any true ties to the maize and blue, Michigan will not accept even the slightest failure.


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