Most $$$ (12.18.07)

The Looper’s Most $$$ player of the week:

Cindy Boren (Sports Editor, The Washington Post) and “Talking Points”

Honorable mention this week:

  • Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon of Washington Post, PTI and now “Talking Points” fame
  • Tiger Woods
  • Torrey Mitchell (F, San Jose Sharks)

Holding true to a week-old resolution our girl, Cindy B, is this week’s Most $$$. Adding a new wrinkle to a successful idea, she now moderates a daily discussion between Post columnists Kornheiser and Wilbon. We at The Looper lovingly champion the PTI program (ESPN, Monday-Friday, 5:30 p.m.) but truly enjoy Talking Points for its more off-the-cuff, personal format –– not to mention the always laughable fashion banter.

Is that a new shirt, Cindy?

We may not have been the first to officially grant our love to Talking Points, but we’ve been watching from the first. And we’ve loved it from the first. It might be said that The Looper and The Windy City Word’s tour of The Post were part of the inspiration for this blog (see picture above).

So, rather than our boyz Tony and Mike, Tiger’s blowout return or fellow-Catamount Mitchell’s gaudy shorthanded goal two nights ago, Most $$$ this week goes to Cindy B. First, person of the day, now Most $$$, and, most importantly, the boss. So $$$.

Thanks, Cindy!


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