bon voyage Skiles

I liked Scott Skiles but I know much of Chicagoland is celebrating the long awaited axing by John Paxson.

I thought he did a great job and had a great attitude with most of the young players, that is until this season.

Sure every season the Bulls looked like snails coming out of the gate, but it is all about the end results and you cannot argue with three consecutive playoff births and last seasons sweep of the defending champion Heat.

But then this season Da Bulls are off to a horrendous 9-16 start and look terrible in every aspect of the game especially those on which the Bulls have predicated their recent success: defense and energy.

When a team is flat game after game after game there is something wrong at the top and it was time for Skiles to take the fall for this one.

But now all the weight falls on the players to perform and Paxson to further shake up the team.

He has never been able to pull the trigger, whether for Pau Gasol or Kobe Bryant for the sake of the “young core” and as much as I agree with that, it is time to make changes.

Phil Jackson let slip the other night after his Lakers handed the Bulls yet another disappointing loss that a trade for Kobe is still a possibility. Paxson should have been on the phone 30 second later.

The young core is not getting it done right now and they need a reality check. I understand not gutting the team but I feel like they are not even playing their best players right now.

In their two most impressive wins of the season, both over the Detroit Pistons, the Bulls top players were Andres Nocioni and Ty Thomas. But it seemed, of late, that these players had landed in Skiles ever growing, Michael Vick-ess, dog house.

We will have to wait and see if this change can turn around the season or if it is already time to pack it in. But one thing is for certain: this is a good start, but if the Bulls want to win the changes cannot stop here.


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