TREATS! The Looper’s Top Videos of 2007

It’s been a while but your faithful Looper is back! And bearing gifts for thee, two days late and many dollars short… But, for your viewing pleasure, here are my picks for some of the best sports-related online video clips of 2007.

My sleigh got bogged down somewhere around Hubbardton, Vermont, but here, at last, are some holiday treats: the top 5 videos of 2007 and some very honorable mentions.

By all means, enjoy…


  • The Landlord –– Will Ferrell and possibly the funniest toddler ever team up for what might be the most viewed –– though not sports related –– video of the year.
  • March Madness –– UVM’s Marqus Blakely provides possibly the best dunk Patrick Gym has ever seen.
  • Dude, are you OK? –– Vermont Cynic editor Connor Boals runs into a tree with his mountain bike.
  • 15 laterals later… –– The Play of the Year, Trinity University pulls off possibly the crazies game winning play ever.
  • He’s only 13 –– A young Canadian with some INCREDIBLE hockey skills, makes you feel like you were a waste at age 13, right?
  • Dominik Hasek stacks the pads –– Hasek come out of the goal to block a shot and sends Marian Gaborik flying.

THE TOP 5 OF 2007

5. Mississippi Braves manager loses it… “Grenade!” … and by grenade I mean rosin bag.

4. Pete Lenes goes fishing. In a tandem video offering, one of the UVM men’s hockey team’s best forwards catches a lunker, a real nice baaaaaass. Lenes stars in the first video and provides narration/camera work for the second. After fishing where do we go? I think it’s time to go to da rink.

3. Getting for his movie, Blades of Glory, Will Ferrell sits down with Kenny Mayne during this priceless Sportscenter Sunday Conversation. Holy Tornado!

2. The controversial NFL Network may have put together the funniest commercial series in a long time. The boys in Joe’s Diner provide some insight into Peyton Manning’s forays with audibles [“I’m available for pahhhttttties. Call my agent!”] and as a bonus offering, contemplate a hypothetical beauty contest between Tom Brady and Carson Palmer [“The guy’s amazing looking.”].

1. Don’t need to say much here. He’s a man! He’s 40! He’s Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy.


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