Pats will fail

I know I am completely alone on the Looper staff when I say this, but after going 16-0 not only will the Patriots not win the Super Bowl but they will not make it to the big game.

Maybe it is from watching them intently over the second half of the season or just having a gut feeling that good things do not come to bad people (Billy I am talking to you).

Whether it be the Chargers, my personal choice the Jags, or the hated Colts, someone is going to knock these SOBs off their high horse when it matters most.

I will give them the 16-0 (and say congrats. prost. salud. cheers.) but I also know they will be remembered as the team that lost when it really mattered.


6 responses to “Pats will fail

  1. WindyCityWord,Senior

    You’ve got to be kidding. With the phenomenal season they’ve had and the few come from behind victories, demonstrating their mettle, they WILL be playing the big game. Any wagers?

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU THINK THAT. YOU MUST BE DRUNK. Mr. Rubin, I’m on your side. I almost raise Dakota his life on this idea, but that would be mean, because he should know better, but doesn’t.

  3. Folks this is the point of the blog: arguments. I don’t think the Pats are THAT good and I am allowed to state my opinion. Mr. German Looper you can write whatever you want also.

  4. hahaha, yeah you can say what you want. arguments are fun and my dad is pissed at your “thoughts” if you can call them that, even. you should’ve seen the email i got the other day….hilarious.

    german looper

  5. beingnicklicare

    dakota’s post makes me wonder if he even watches american football. i mean, he might as well have chosen fc nurenberg or the metrostars to dismantle the undefeated patriots! his lack of argument and failure to present any insight as to how the colts, jaguars, steelers, or chargers will beat the patriots shows a disrespect for the game of football and the forum as well.

    also, his assertion that someone will “knock these cocky SOBs off their high horse when it matters most” makes me really wonder what his definition of cocky is. does it mean undefeated? great? historic? if so, then the new england patriots are guilty as charged. however, this just isn’t the case. and furthermore, it is beyond me how a group of humbled veterans such as the patriots, has been inappropriately labeled as being cocky. last time i checked, the word was generally associated with gallivanting,excessive celebration, and acknowledging one’s own greatness rather than the efforts of their opponents. at the very least, the new england patriots are the antithesis of mr. rubin’s claims. time and time again, the coaching staff and players have acknowledged the challenges that each team has presented them with, and almost always commends them earnestly, straying from acts of cockiness or demi-god status.

    in closing, i would like to leave dakota and anyone who echoes his poor-excuse-for-a-sentiment/opinion with a quote that not only characterizes the chargers — a team that mr. rubin said could beat the patriots — as being cocky, but one that supports my argument that the new england patriots are not the cocky organization that my colleague seems to think.

    “I can understand why LT thought it was disrespectful and unclassy that the Patriots started ‘doing the dance Shawne Merriman is known for.’ Imagine if the Chargers won and some of their players went and did the Tom Brady dance at the midfield? Oh wait … Tom Brady doesn’t have a dance because he’s a class act and doesn’t do steroids.”

  6. dakota you are not allowed to be in our house on saturday night after making those comments. so find somewhere else to go.

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