selanne to return?


37 -year-old Teemu Selanne could be back in the NHL.

And soon. 

But it will only be for the Stanley Cup-defending Anaheim Ducks.

Coming 7 months after a championship season, the Finnish Flash has begun an on-ice skating program at Anaheim Ice. 

The program, however, does not include skating with the Ducks.

Instead, it is designed to serve as test of mental, rather than physical, endurance, in hopes of helping Selanne find whatever it is that he may be looking for.

Over the next week, the 10-time All-Star will skate 5 times, and is expected to announce his decision soon after.

If Selanne does return, he will join Scott Niedermayer as the second player to rejoin the Ducks this season after entering retirement.

As for now, the Ducks — who are desperately in need of offense — can only wait with their fingers crossed, in hopes that the missing piece to their puzzle comes home.

We’ll keep you posted.


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