The Blowout Championship Series

The BCS has got to go.

After one of the wackiest college football seasons ever and all the controversy that surrounds the BCS in general we got 4 huge blowouts and a nail bitting win by Kansas.

Not only were the wrong teams picked for the wrong games but it happened like that because of money.

The Rose Bowl wanted tradition so went with the Pac-10/Big 10 matchup, leading to an Illini massacre instead of picking the better matchup of USC vs. Georgia, who crushed Cinderella and her leis in the Sugar Bowl.

With the parity that exists in college football right now with teams like Kansas and Missouri coming out of the woodwork and others like Michigan losing to 1-AA teams, it is time for a change in the Bowl system.

Imagine having a 16 team tournament.

That way teams would have to prove they are the best in the nation instead of being told so by a computer and money hungry Bowl organizers and sponsors.

I know it is not going to happen any time soon, but if this season (capped by the first ever two-loss BCS National Champion) doesn’t tell us that it is time for a change I don’t know what ever will.


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