Only in Green Bay

Coming from Chicago I am taught to hate the Green Bay Packers. They are the Bears chief rival and up until recent years they had our number.

Since Lovie Smith took over as Chicago’s head coach the tide has shifted as he has made good on his promise to vanquish the Cheese Heads to the north.

Even this year, a down year for the Bears and a year when Brett Favre looks like he is 25 again, Da Bears got the best of their NFC North foes, TWICE.

I have the utmost respect for Favre but I can not stand the Packers as a whole and even worse are Green Bay fans.

Generally I have no problem with people from Wisconsin. Actually I think they are all around great people.

So maybe it is the water in Green Bay or something, but whatever it is, the fans are idiots!

Just another example is recent AP story about a man who duct taped a #4 Favre jersey to his 7-year-old son because he refused to wear it on Saturday when the Packers faced the New York Giants. [full story here]

Are you kidding me?


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