Acknowledging Belichick

Echoing what Patriots fans have been saying for years –– and more and more this year –– New York Times columnist William C. Rhoden (also a regular participant on “The Sports Reporters”) put his fingers to the keyboard following the AFC Championship Game and put it simply: Bill Belichick is a football genius.

[Article here: Yes, Belichick Really Is a Football Genius]

Hard to believe? Well yes and no, but either way, it’s still refreshing and surprising. And what’s more, Rhoden even went so far as to say this, brushing off any of the detractors of SpyGate:

The only blemish on the season is the $500,000 fine imposed on Belichick by N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell for illegal videotaping against the Jets.

That censure won’t obscure a great season, though it will be part of the permanent record, perhaps a signature for doing whatever it takes to win.

But no matter how you feel about illegalities, this team is a team for the ages.

As the season stands now, the Patriots are the only team to ever go 18-0, the only team ever with a chance for 19-0. In my mind, they’ve sufficiently crushed any idea that SpyGate was a factor.


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