Das Boot!!!

THE NOW-FAMOUS TOM BRADY ANKLE BOOT (and questionable floral arrangement):

OK, we have two ways and two ways only to think about this little situation, which our girl Cindy B. has since dubbed BootGate:

1) The Boot is all part of Belichick’s masterplan –– the closest thing to Predestination that exists in the football world –– and merely a ploy to distract his opponents and the media from what is actually going down over the nxt two weeks. Considering that Brady didn’t bother wearing the boot when he went out later that night with his girlfriend, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, this makes sense and makes one think the ankle isn’t too big of a hindrance. [MOST LIKELY]

2) Brady was put up to the Boot by Gisele. He probably lost a bet or something or … well I won’t bother going there. More likely than that, Brady could be attempting to make a new fashion statement. Considering Peyton Manning gets the funny commercials and Brady gets the pretty boy commercials –– along with the attention of supermodels –– this is an interesting idea. [LESS LIKELY]

The Boot is not really a big deal. Brady said he “tweaked it.” It is what it is. Don’t read anything more into it than that.


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