Hockey and The Boot

Big news on campus? Well, how about two great weekends in a row for the men’s hockey team –– right now it looks like they’re finding the right track, and the back of the net.

At home two weeks ago, the Cats played great in a 2-2 draw with Northeastern, which they followed up with an invigorating 5-2 win over the Huskies the next night.

Oh yeah, Northeastern was ranked #9 at the time.

At UMass this past weekend, Vermont went out Friday night and outgunned the Minutemen 5-4. Saturday night was not quite as high-scoring, but the boys from Burlington still notched a point in Hockey East with a 2-2 tie.

Oh yeah, UMass was ranked #14.

This sets up a HUGE homestand this weekend: Friday night the Cats get always-tough UNH, who sit atop the Hockey East standings, and Sunday they get UMass-Lowell, who are also in the top-20 as of January 27, 2008.

A win against UNH this Friday night could bring even more life to what appears to be a hockey team on the rise.

Anything less will be just that, but the potential exists for a surging, momentum-laden Hockey East campaign the likes of which we have yet to really see out of the Cats.


Big news elsewhere? Brady says “bye-bye” to The Boot!

I admit it’s a ridiculous story in almost every sense. The scrutiny placed on the peculiar footwear chosen by the Patriots quarterback last week is silly but also somewhat warranted when you take into account that Brady is the leader of the only 18-0 NFL team ever.

The golden boy of perfection’s team was photographed wearing a protective boot on his foot –– as we all know now –– while walking into his gf Gisele Bundchen’s New York City home. Later that day, though, he was seen sans Boot.

Brady went unseen by the media after that, although it was discovered that he did suffer a minor high ankle sprain in the AFC championship game.

But now, no Boot! Whew!

An article on Sunday chronicled nearly every wing-tipped step Brady took at the Patriots pre-Super Bowl send-off. No sign of a limp!

And, really, it’s a perfect story to follow the Tony Romo- Jessica Simpson-T.O.-Dallas Cowboys drama of the week before.

Let’s blame Jessica for Tony’s team losing and then let’s blame Tony for the Cowboys’ loss and then let’s cry about it at the press conference (T.O., I’m winking at you from behind my big sunglasses).

Now we all get to wait for the Super Bowl to be over before we can really decide which QB’s lady-friend provided the best pre-game care.

A Brady win, and Gisele looks even prettier in the eyes of the media –– more wholesome, maybe? –– But a Brady loss and you had better expect some questions.


One response to “Hockey and The Boot

  1. out of all the pictures of gisele, you pick that one?! file that under “shame on austin”. also, brady was seen favoring his right ankle after the rally.

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