Most $$$ (1.29.08)

The Looper’s Most $$$ player of the week: Tiger Woods

Holy Whoa! First tournament in months and the best golfer this side of the Milky Way puts on a clinic. With rounds of  67-65-66 to start the Buick Invitational, Woods headed into a potentially ill-weathered Sunday with an obscenely healthy lead.

The lead was up to 11 shots part-way through Sunday’s final round, but eventually shrank to a paltry 8-shot advantage. It was Tiger being Tiger, but a version of Tiger that we had not really seen in some time. It was scary Tiger. It was perfect Tiger.

It was a version of Tiger –– maybe we get to call it Tiger 2.008 if this form holds out –– that even his bro (and by bro we of course mean not-bro) Rory Sabbatini could not catch up to, finishing T-3, 10 shots behind.

This week, Tiger = scary good, scary $$$. (We could also point to the direction of $$$-looping from fellow Super-Looper Stevie Williams too –– it is a team effort after all.)


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