Highway Robbery

The Lakers are thieves and they should be proud of it.

When I heard Pau Gasol was heading to LA, the first thought that crossed my mind was: “How much of their young talent did the Lakers have to give up?”

Because last season when the Bulls tried to swing a deal for the Spanish forward, the Grizzlies asked for the kitchen sink in return.

But a new season brings a change of heart I see as the Lakers gave up nothing in return for a proven scoring threat and FIBA World Basketball Champion.

Sure Kwame Brown was a former number 1 pick in the draft but no one can tell me he panned out. Sure he is an adequate defender but on the offensive end he is practically useless.

But sure they gave Memphis two first round draft picks draft picks. So what!?

After winning a Championship, I am sure the last thing on Phil Jackson’s mind will be what is going to happen to his team without a new, young, unproven player coming in and messing it all up.

The Job Jackson (and Kobe) for that matter have done this season with the Lakers is remarkable and to have them in the position their are near the top of the West is just incredible.

Now with the addition of Gasol the rest of the NBA has to take notice because LA is for real this season and will make a serious run at the Finals.


2 responses to “Highway Robbery

  1. “Adequate defender,” you say? I can sum up Kwame Brown’s career performance as a LAKER with a four-word memorable quote often spoken by the late, great Peter Sellers in a wonderful film called BEING THERE.

    …”I like to watch.”

    Great write-up Codeman. Thanks!

  2. We sure are enjoying your blogs

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