Giants do it all

I still can’t believe it.

I wanted to see the Giants win the Super Bowl but I don’t think I ever gave them a fighting chance against the “unbeatable” Patriots.

After this game I heard a lot of people say that the Pats blew it. It was theirs for the taking and they did something wrong or didn’t do enough.

But that could not be further from the truth. This win goes to the Giants. They won it.

Everywhere from Eli to the defensive line the team stepped up in a huge way and took it right to the undefeated Patriots.

Before the game most were saying that for the Giants to have a chance they would have get to Tom Brady, control the tempo, and most of all, limit mistakes when it mattered most.

The defensive pressure the Giants put on the Patriots was unreal. They hit Brady and the Pats offensive line all night long.

The stats say the Giants had five sacks but they hit Brady over and over and over again. And unlike teams during the regular season who were able to do this for part of the game, NY were unrelenting in coming after the quarterback for 60 minutes.

Tom Brady is an amazing quarterback and will go down as one of the best in history, but not even he can lead a team when he is on his back half the time.

The next thing the Giants had to do was limit mistakes and not turn the ball over.

Eli was credited with one pick, it was really not his fault as much as Steve Smith’s. When it mattered most, at the end of the game, Eli controlled the ball.

The Pats have one of the most explosive offense in NFL history but the Giants controlled the ball for so much of the game (over 19 minutes in the first half including a record 9 minutes in the first quarter) that Brady and the Pats never had the time to blow the scoring open.

Throughout the season the Pats broke teams with a late score and then their cool defense would take advantage of a quarterback who was forcing it and they would seal the victory with a pick. To tell you the truth thats what I thought was going to happen on the last drive.

But instead Eli did what so few quarterbacks can. He lead his team the length of the field for a game winning touchdown against one of the most vaunted defenses in the most important game of his life.

And throughout the whole drive he looked cool, collected and most of all determined.

The determination came through most of all when Eli should have been sacked twice but somehow got free and rifled a ball 30 yards down the field that David Tyree somehow reeled in.

The whole season the Pats made the other team make mistakes and capitalized on those mistakes to win close games (they didn’t have many but showed real resilience in the few that they did).

But in this game the Giants took it right to the Patriots on both the offensive and defensive ends of the field and earned this victory and the distinction of Super Bowl Champions.


2 responses to “Giants do it all

  1. windy city word, you should start proofreading your articles.

  2. Cody you were right on the money.. The Giants kept the Pats and Brady off balance and they could not get into rhythm. What a game.

    Is there any snow:

    Love u Grandma and Grandpa

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