Late Season Surge?

Unlike Congress, I’m not going to concern myself with Roger Clemens or Brian McNamee this week –– except on my blog, which, I’ll admit, was a fun distraction during class on Wednesday.

Frankly, there are so many more worthwhile things to pay attention to than an aging ace who once seemed immortal, the legitimacy of which now exists in a cloud of doubt.

Funny things, those performance enhancers.

But no, I’m done with that. [See the Face Off this week for thoughts on the Rocket’s appearance at the Congressional Dog and Pony show.]

For one, it was a great week for my adopted German soccer team, Hamburger SV, who are now sitting pretty to advance in the UEFA Cup and moved back into third in the Bundesliga standings with wins this week.

And then, a real reason to celebrate: UVM sweeping Merrimack this weekend, their first Friday-Saturday sweep of the season.

The homestand gave UVM four points in Hockey East, but those four points are the most recent bright spot in what’s been UVM’s best second semester since joining the league.

Since the start of the second semester –– the series at home against Northeastern –– the Catamounts have gone 6-2-2.

Considering how young the club was and played in the first half of the season, as well as the fact that they’ve never posted a late-season stretch like this during their time in Hockey East makes me think this is pretty incredible.

What I’ve seen in the last six home games is making me think that a lot of these young Cats have grown up and that the members of the old guard are stepping up their play too.

Joe Fallon’s presence between the pipes has also been noticeable and markedly different than his play earlier in the season.

If things keep playing out like they have, a streaking UVM club could be looking for their first home ice game ever in the Hockey East playoffs –– a huge step for the program and a crucial boost to hopes of making the conference final.

In what has been a weak season for the rest of the conference, this isn’t out of the question. Not even a little.

Looking at the Hockey East standings you’ve got UNH safe at the top and looking like the conference’s best team. Below that, however, it’s a different story.

UVM sits tied for fifth with Boston University, but the gap between fifth place and second-place Boston College is a mere three points.

On the Cats’ plate to finish the season are weekends against UMass-Lowell, Maine and the season-ending series at UNH. Lowell currently sits in seventh place and Maine in ninth, completely out of character for one of Hockey East’s Big Four.

So right now, I’m not thinking about Clemens, not even a little. I’m thinking about the prospect of eight more Hockey East points and a six-game winning-streak going into Durham, N.H….


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