The Reggie Bush of Horses

This horse moves like it is connected to a joy stick. Here at the Looper we haven’t seen someone move like that since Reggie Bush.

Check it out at the one minute mark:


4 responses to “The Reggie Bush of Horses

  1. Good video, I guess. Hi, Austin nice to know you. Bye

  2. Interesting find Dakota, but there is a whole wide world of incredibly athletic, talented horses out there. Check out these two. The looper can tell you which one is our family favorite.

  3. could dakota beat it to spain any more than he already does? also, what the hell is up with bull fighting? is there anything more beautiful than seeing a man on a horse spear an enraged bull to death? i say no, but dakota might say dogfighting takes the cake.

  4. will that horse be eligible for fantasy football draft next year , because I’ve already had Reggie for the past 2 years and apparently his only moves are at the ATM and now you have quacks (DJD) helping you locate more horse footage—

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