Deadline Deals

On Monday, a new and perhaps final chapter in the Peter Forsberg saga was written when he and the Colorado Avalanche agreed on a deal. Now, the Avalanche hope that the addition of Forsberg can help them return to Stanley Cup years of 1996 and 2001, both of which Forsberg played a crucial role in.

While Forsberg’s return was shocking enough, Tuesday’s NHL trade deadline saw 25 teams and 45 players make deals, resulting in a share of blockbuster departures and arrivals.

Atlanta-Pittsburgh Trade

Just before the 3 p.m. ET deadline, the Pittsburgh Penguins acquired one of the game’s best players in RW Marian Hossa. Along with Hossa came fellow Atlanta Thrasher winger Pascal Dupuis, in exchange for Pittsburgh’s RW Colby Armstrong, C Erik Christensen, budding prospect C Angelo Esposito, and a 1st-Round Draft Pick.This is a great move that will no doubt provide stability to the Pittsburgh lineup, even if it means that Sidney Crosby’s best friend and roommate has been traded in Armstrong. Marian Hossa is an absolute sniper, and should fit in to the lineup almost seamlessly. When Crosby returns from the IR, the Penguins could take the cake for most exciting team in the league.Atlanta would have loved to hang on to Hossa if a deal could have been done, but the compensation they received might just be enough to heal their wounds.

Something to consider: With huge contracts due to Malkin, Crosby, Fleury, and Staal, we’ll have to wait and see if the Penguins can afford to hold on to Hossa after this year.

San Jose-Buffalo Trade

The struggling San Jose Sharks just got a whole lot better when they received D Buffalo’s Brian Campbell — an offensive-minded defenseman — as well as a 7th-Round Draft Pick for forward F Steve Bernier and a 1st- Round Draft Pick.With Campbell on their back end, the Sharks gain a player who has a knack for staying out of the box by keeping the puck moving. Campbell is also an enormous asset on the powerplay. He has 5 goals and 38 assists on the season and is a player any team would’ve liked to snag.

Once again, the Buffalo Sabres prove their inability to hold on to their best players. Do the names Daniel Briere and Chris Drury ring a bell?

Washington-Columbus/Montreal Trade

In two separate deals, the Washington Capitals got C Sergei Fedorov from the Columbus Blue Jackets and G Cristobal Huet from the Montreal Canadiens.

In exchange for Fedorov, the Blue Jackets got prospect D Ted Ruth, who currently plays for Notre Dame. And for Huet, the Canadiens got a 2nd-Round Draft Pick. 

Clearly, the Capitals made out pretty good for only giving up a college player and a draft pick. They got Fedorov, who although on the decline, has 28 points this season and is effective on both the power play and on defense if need be. But more importantly, they got one of the league’s most solid goalies in Huet. It’s almost unfathomable as to why the Canadiens would trade their number one guy in the thick of the playoff race. Sure Huet’s former backup (now starter), Carey Price, is a good young netminder, but he has yet to prove himself worthy of the responsibility that comes with being a full-time starter.

This move has to make you wonder what’s going on in the Canadiens’ front office.

Although these are only a fraction of the moves that were made, there is absolutely no question that they are the ones with the most big-picture impact.

Congratulations to Tuesday’s winners.

As for the losers, like the Greased-Up Deaf Guy always says, “See y’all next year!”

For a complete list of deals completed before the deadline, click here.


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  1. Don’t worry Nick!!! I heard Marian Hossa is an equally active fan of my show…and if I am not mistaken, he can certainly dance his tail off, so young Mr. Crosby has nothing to be afraid of in terms of losing his routine on the road!

    The next dance performance on my show goes out to all of you over at the looper! Keep up the great work!

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