Not Quite Enough Curry

With my brackets done-zo as of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament I spent the week trying to figure out what to root for this weekend.

See, rooting for number one seeds is just not that fun. I like UNC better than I like Duke, who I loathe more than any team save the Yankees, so I didn’t have a problem rooting for the Tar Heels.

Tyler Hansbrough is a treat to watch and only bolsters the UNC stock in my books. He plays so hard and well and modestly, it’s a throwback.

Hansbrough played great and led his team to the Final Four as I had picked it.


Then, there’s UCLA. I’d really like them more if they went back to the old uniform lettering that featured U-C-L-A in the same colors. This rogue “C” stuff is junk.

At least Western Kentucky had some semblance of order on their jerseys – as a 12-seed that would be an incredible story even though I didn’t foresee it happening. I would have been quite happy had they advanced, but that wish was to no avail. In spite of their failed attempt to color their letters the same, UCLA is ripe for their play-date in San Antonio this weekend.

I am really not a fan of Memphis, try as John Calipari might to get me and anyone else paying attention to like his squad. So, naturally I rooted for Michigan State, who I don’t like at all either.

It didn’t matter – Memphis won easily.

Against Texas, who I tabbed for a Final Four run, it was almost the same, lopsided story: Memphis advanced and keeps looking more and more like the only one-loss team in the nation.

Their athleticism and talent is beginning to get on my nerves like that roommate who doesn’t study a bit but still gets the 4.0.

With three of the four booked for the national semifinal that left the best game of the weekend: Kansas vs. Stephen Curry (Davidson) for the last ticket to San Antonio.

Flying in the face of my own picks, I was rooting like crazy for Davidson and they were delivering. Curry was knocking down shots in less time and space than I could believe. Davidson, led by Curry the wunderkind, almost got there.


In the end there was just too much Kansas and just not enough Curry-fueled heroics to send Davidson along the happy road to the Final Four. It was sad, but at the same time fantastic.

Now I’ve got something I really can sink my teeth into: we’re now faced with an all-one-seed Final Four.

The four best teams all season now get to play for the title as the last four teams standing – something that I don’t think has ever happened before.

I thought it at the start but didn’t want to think it would happen, it just seemed too dull.

Now, though, the top four are damn good-looking.


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