After the Coup: Bulls need to take Rose

After getting past the shock that came with seeing the Bulls snag the top pick in the NBA draft, my thoughts have shifted the Rose versus Beasley.

Both had outstanding freshman years and I am sure that both will make stellar NBA players.  But which one do the Bulls need and want?

For years the thinking has always been go with the proven big man because you can always build a championship around a dominating big man.  This held true through last season when Portland chose Greg Oden over Kevin Durant.

But things have changed.  Just take a look at the playoffs this season.  Between Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Tony Parker, Rajon Rando and Chauncey Billups, it is clear that we have entered into the age of the point guard.

In order to win an NBA championship your team must have a floor general who can control the pace and tempo of the game, dish, score and be a leader.

Following this thinking the first choice in the draft is a no-brainer.  Go with the tall, powerful point guard from Memphis.

But the Bulls already have two point guards in Kirk Hinrich and Chris Duhon and have been searching for a low post scorer for years.  So wouldn’t the right move have to be Beasley?

That would make sense but is a team of Hinrich, Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Ben Gordon and Beasley going to win a championship?

I love captain Kirk as much as the next guy but lets be honest here.  We need Rose.  Not only would it be a homecoming for the Simeon grad, but Rose’s incredible court vision and smooth shooting stroke would instantly make him one of the best point guards in the league.

And that is saying a lot considering some of the names I mentioned earlier.  But if anyone knows the importance of a star back court player it has to be Chicago who won six titles with little more than Luc Longley (no offense but be was no Shaq) down low.

I am not trying to compare Rose to Jordan in any way, but it is time for the Bulls to accept their fate as a backcourt powered team and pick Rose.

When a player can be compared to Jason Kidd, Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson and no one complains, there has to be something there.  This is the most athletic point guard to enter the NBA in a very long time, and possibly ever.  That cannot be passed up.

Beasley will have a great career and most likely average a double double.  But Rose will win championships.  It is that simple.


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