The Looper is our take on the sports world of our time, and all of its ever-growing accoutrement. We strive to keep our ideas fresh, entertaining and informative. We’re not here to hate on things or toot too many horns, but just to shoot as honestly as we can, from the hip when need be. The Looper will cover events when possible, but most of the posts are products of the writer’s observations and opinion.
We hope each trip to The Looper provides you with something new to think about or share and talk about with friends.


Contributors to this esteemed sports blog include:

Austin Danforth

Dakota Rubin

Nick Licare

Once based at the University of Vermont, we have been scattered across the country. But whether from DC or Dallas or LA, this magnificent triumvirate still sends tremors through the sports media, demolishing houses, taking the Old Guard by storm and drinking beers on Kornheiser and Wilbon’s tab – they’ll say it’s their pleasure, but really, it’ll be like kissing the king’s ring.

You can just be glad you joined the bandwagon when you did, and that you joined at all is enough for us.

Stay $$$,

The Looper Staff


One response to “About/Contributors

  1. this blog totally rocks my world, i love the heart and soul that goes into the articles. keeping on blogging my man

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